New Diabetes Drugs Approved

Grunberger Diabetes Institute Diabetes Medications New Diabetes Drugs Approved

Did you know that the FDA just approved three new drugs for treatment of type 2 diabetes on January 25, 2013?

One is called Nesina (common name alogliptin) and two combination drugs using Nesina with metformin (called Kazano) and Nesina with Actos (called Oseni). Nesina will be fourth medication in the class of “DPP-4 inhibitors” (others already in use are Januvia, Onglyza and Tradjenta). These are all taken as a single pill once a day, regardless of the time of the day or time of the meals. So, they are easy to take and they should be useful early in the course of diabetes. They lower blood sugar but do not cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar reactions) or weight gain. They can be combined with virtually every other medicine used for treatment of diabetes (including insulin).

These medications essentially “tell” your pancreas to make more insulin when you eat and also “tell” your liver not to make sugar internally since you just ate. Once the blood sugar starts returning to normal after meals this drug quits working, only to spring into action at next meal time.


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