The Medtronic 670G Hybrid Closed Loop System

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The Medtronic 670G Hybrid Closed Loop system is a technological breakthrough. The system allows constant monitoring of blood sugar levels and adjustment. This is the first system to feature automatic real-time adjustment allowing users greater flexibility and control then they have ever had before. The pump automatically adjusts to high or low blood sugar levels, allowing the user to forego manual adjustments. This enables better control of blood sugar levels and is truly a game changer in the lives of those that have diabetes.

The Dexcom continuous glucose monitor or CGM allows users to see their blood sugar levels on the fly and is the only CGM to offer this. The Dexcom has a separate screen that allows users to see their blood sugar levels  at 5 minute intervals. It can alert them to lows, highs, and features a graph to show trends. This allows users to see blood sugar values and trends, so adjustments can be made. The Dexcom is now covered under Medicare.

Download your pump at home and avoid the fee. This will not only allow you to save some money but you will be able to see where your sugar levels are trending.  You can also do this anytime there is an issue with your blood sugar levels for minor pump adjustment. Once you download your pump you can print a copy to bring with you to your appointment or you can email it to us. Cables and directions are available upon request.

We now offer Nuvexa weight loss supplements. The supplement helps promote weight loss by absorbing excess fat in the diet and was partially developed by Dr. Grunberger. Nuvexa is a naturally occurring dietary fiber that can help control cholesterol levels and triglycerides. We offer 90 day supplies, so if you need assistance losing weight try Nuvexa today.

Want something sweet but don’t want your blood sugar to rise? Ice Chips are a delicious way to enjoy something sweet without the negative side effects. These sweet shards come in a variety of flavors including berry, lemon, mints, and seasonal flavors. The secret is Xylitol a natural sugar alcohol that looks and tastes like sugar but has a very low glycemic index, a 7 compared to sugar which is a 70. The benefits don’t stop there tho, as Xylitol helps strengthen tooth enamel when used twice per day. Stop in for this sweet treat today.


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