The GDI Difference

Grunberger Diabetes Institute (GDI) is unique in the Metro Detroit area in uniting a multidisciplinary approach to sophisticated diabetes management and education with an offer to participate in the clinical diabetes research studies – all under one roof – with the same team of experienced professionals. We strive to be the best: to provide specialized medical treatment in a highly professional, intimate, and caring manner. Our focus is on keeping you, your family, and your referring physicians well-informed and satisfied.

Grunberger Diabetes Institute - Team Photo

After learning I was borderline diabetic I vowed I would never have to do insulin shots. For a short time I changed my eating habits but soon lost my resolve and went back to my old ways. Two years ago my A1c reached 7.4% and I was on the verge of being put on pills to control my sugar. I asked for 3 months to get myself straightened out. Since then I have completely changed my lifestyle by losing 55 pounds and developing good eating habits. I stopped smoking and I now exercise regularly as well walking 2 miles at least 5 times a week. My A1c is now 5.8% without any medications, cholesterol has dropped to 142 and blood pressure is in the normal range. This time with the assistance and guidance of Grunberger Diabetes Institute, I know I will not falter and go back to old habits.


Diabetes Clinical Trials

We conduct a variety of diabetes clinical studies at GDI. These are all FDA approved and meet all the criteria for protecting human patients. The studies are typically in phase II or III of clinical development. We focus on looking for new and better ways to handle blood sugar control, preventing or delaying the progression of complications from diabetes, and on techniques for improving quality of life for those with diabetes. The studies might last weeks, months, or even several years, depending on the specific study design. Participants often receive physical examinations, laboratory tests, study medications, blood glucose meters, and test strips free of charge. Study volunteers are also compensated for their expenses incurred by the study visits. It is understood that enrollment in all research studies is voluntary and that participants are expected to continue their usual medical care with their primary care physicians.