Your patient’s time is valuable. Refer patients needing diabetes care to an Institute dedicated to helping your patients on a path to wellness with a unique One Stop Service for diabetes care.

Because all of our services are under one roof, communication is improved between all of our specialists – whether involved in managing dietary, weight, foot, kidney, circulation, neuropathy or psychology issues. This eliminates delays in care and reduces communication errors, resulting in improved response and better outcomes for your patient.

One stop care makes sense for patients – now they don’t have to travel all over town and juggle the schedules of many separate offices. The Grunberger Diabetes Institute puts patients first with excellent, convenient diabetes care.

Contact the Grunberger Diabetes Institute today at 248-335-7740 or email us and ask about our One Stop Service for Diabetes Referrals.

Diabetes Care

The overriding principle is to teach patients how to live “with” their diabetes rather than “for” diabetes.

We emphasize teaching patients the latest management techniques, whether in nutrition, weight loss, physical activity, medications, blood glucose monitoring, or insulin delivery. We know that diabetes “takes no vacation” and, therefore, we give our patients the tools they need to handle any situation they might encounter in their daily lives.