Omnipod Training

Rebecca Crawford, RD, ADEPT Certified.

Carb Counting Review: Patients who are on insulin injections- An introduction ( or review!) of carb counting; including an overview, why carb counting is important, how to carb count, how to use technology to assist Omnipod Insulin Pump demonstration: Patients who are on insulin injections and interested in learning about Pod Therapy- a live demonstration as well as Q&A Pre-pump training: Patients who have received an Omnipod, and have not yet had formal training on the system- learn pumping basics and terminology, review Diabetes safety topics such as treating Hypo- and hyperglycemia, general Omnipod information Omnipod Insulin Pump Refresher: Patients who are already on the Omnipod- setting adjustments, advanced functions of your Omnipod system.

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