How to Diagnose a Thyroid Condition

January is Thyroid Awareness Month, so it is only fitting we release an article with details on how to know when to get checked for a Thyroid condition. With [...]

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COVID-19 and Diabetes

With the emergence of COVID-19, there has been an endless surge of warnings and speculations about how the virus affects those with underlying conditions. Diabetes has been mentioned as [...]

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Yo-Yo Dieting

“Yo-yo dieting” also referred to as “weight cycling” or “crash dieting” are terms used to describe the extremely restrictive dieting method used by those who wish to lose those [...]

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Why is eating enough protein so important?

Protein is responsible for maintaining your muscle mass, which is critical for maintaining your metabolic rate. It is also especially important after exercise because your muscle fibers are being [...]

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What Sugar Does to Your Body

The instant something sweet touches your tongue, your taste buds direct-message your brain: deee-lish. Your noggin’s reward system ignites, unleashing dopamine. Meanwhile, the sugar you swallowed lands in your stomach, [...]

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Can you stomach this?

When I was in medical school people used to talk about “juvenile” or adult-onset” diabetes, as if there was somehow a magic age divide for those two types of [...]

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U.S. Diabetes Cases Jump to 29 Million

Nearly 1 in 10 people now face higher risks for various ills linked to the blood sugar disease, report finds. Read this article posted on Everyday Health: [...]

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New study to Identify Individuals at Highest Risk for Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes

A new study has shown that combining 2 ways of assessing a person’s size —body mass index (BMI) and waist-to-height ratio (WHtR) —may be a better way of identifying [...]

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Diabetes epidemic is unrelenting

The world is losing the battle against diabetes as the number of people estimated to be living with the disease soared to a new record of 382 million in [...]

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What’s the 1-800-BAD DRUG today?

Isn’t it amazing that seemingly every other TV commercial urges you to: “If you or a loved one have suffered losses in this case, please click the link below [...]

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Too Much Sugar…

We still consume way too much added sugar in our food, especially at home, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report by Bethene Ervin and Cynthia Ogden showed. One [...]

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Stay away from sugar-sweetened beverages

Hopefully everyone knows by now that drinking sugar-sweetened beverages (those which have added sweeteners like sucrose, high-fructose corn syrup and fruit juice concentrates) is bad for you if you [...]

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