When I was in medical school people used to talk about “juvenile” or adult-onset” diabetes, as if there was somehow a magic age divide for those two types of diabetes. Oh boy, how did that picture change over the years!

The age designation disappeared in 1979 as it was realized that your age by itself does not make you either more prone to one type or protect you against another one. The current classification of type 1 (an autoimmune disease which eventually progresses to destroy the insulin-making cells in the pancreas) and type 2 (the most common but a very complex form of diabetes in which not enough insulin is made, insulin does not work properly and has a host of other associated problems at many organs) is not ideal but at least does away with the age association. With the pandemic of obesity and resulting worldwide epidemic of type 2 diabetes we all realize that SOMETHING needs to be done before the disease destroys more lives.

A place to start is with the youngest among us. Today, in many communities (especially of color where the prevalence of type 2 diabetes is higher) there are more kids with type 2 than type 1 diabetes!

Please watch the following powerful video and do something!

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