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8 07, 2013

Too Much Sugar…

By |2017-01-08T12:52:43-05:00July 8th, 2013|Diet, Health, Manage Diabetes, Wellness|0 Comments

We still consume way too much added sugar in our food, especially at home, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report by Bethene Ervin and Cynthia Ogden showed. One culprit is sugary sodas. Although other research has shown that soda consumption has been declining, if you look at individual foods and beverages, these drinks still [...]

1 05, 2013

Stay away from sugar-sweetened beverages

By |2017-01-08T12:52:43-05:00May 1st, 2013|Health, Manage Diabetes, Wellness|0 Comments

Hopefully everyone knows by now that drinking sugar-sweetened beverages (those which have added sweeteners like sucrose, high-fructose corn syrup and fruit juice concentrates) is bad for you if you have diabetes: they lead to unnecessary weight gain and spikes in blood sugar levels. However, a new research study (just published online in the journal Diabetologia, [...]

23 04, 2013

Exercise and its health benefits

By |2013-04-25T09:07:28-04:00April 23rd, 2013|Exercise, Manage Diabetes|0 Comments

We have all heard about the importance of “lifestyle modifications” to improve state of our health. What is behind that fancy term? Put simply, it’s all about healthy eating and increasing physical activity. There is a lot of confusion about what constitutes the right level of increased physical activity (the word “exercise” puts some people [...]

27 01, 2013

New Diabetes Drugs Approved

By |2013-01-27T19:12:59-05:00January 27th, 2013|Diabetes Medications|0 Comments

Did you know that the FDA just approved three new drugs for treatment of type 2 diabetes on January 25, 2013? One is called Nesina (common name alogliptin) and two combination drugs using Nesina with metformin (called Kazano) and Nesina with Actos (called Oseni). Nesina will be fourth medication in the class of "DPP-4 inhibitors" (others already [...]